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so just an update saying that I have randomly become active on tumblr somehow (I blame Hetalia xD). If anyone cares they can check me out over here ---> akeyami.tumblr.com 

It's not like it's only Hetalia stuff I've been posting on there, it's just sort of where I've shifted blog camps I guess. Hetalia was the catalyst xD;

REALLY EXCITED FOR JAPAN AND ACCESS NEXT WEEK AHHHHHHHHHHHH be sure to check out my tumblr for more updates on that. I'm probably going to go nuts the entire time.
HI~ posting this right before bed, before getting up early to go to Salzburg tomorrow! :D

 Daaww I love these sort of "family" pictures <3 It looks like they're sampling cakes for their wedding or something (I wish xD)

Damn, Daichan, put some art on your walls or something. Some of your photos even. Dem's some bare-ass walls. lol
Firstly - 

I don't even remember what this is from but it's lovely. 

Secondly - 

Bakuman Last Chapter Reaction *spoilers*Collapse )

Who remembers this? I love them so much

who also remembers that this nearly ended in disaster lol
Remember way back when on LJ when I'd post a DA Family-related picture every day just for the hell of it? Well I decided I'm going to start doing that again (or at least trying to...). No promises that I'll make it every day but hell with this year being access' 20th (<3) I feel like it's good timing. wouldn't that mean I should've started in January...? oh well

To kick things off have a wonderful access picture from their streamed club live a couple weeks ago. Credits to @AA1213AA on twitter for capping it. 

There's just something magically wonderful about Hiro and DA engaging in intimate physical contact. I can't put it to words....It's like, sparkling unicorns prancing on rainbows *happy sigh* no I am not high

Just a little over three weeks left until I head home from my trip abroad! Holy hell, time flew by fast...and I'm kicking myself because the closer I get to leaving the more excited I get. I should be enjoying my remaining time here while I still have it lol. Hopefully taking an overnight trip to Salzburg this weekend and then a couple of nights in Prague the next :3 

Ja ne! ^_^
Because I'm bored and should be doing homework, lol, but since when has that stopped me? LOL 

cut for longggCollapse )

Important Points of 2011:

2011 Wrap UpCollapse )

Found out today that DA's beloved "daughter" (his dog) Annie passed away. Really sad to hear this news, especially since he just lost Alex last year too. They both lived to ripe old ages though and had fantastically spoiled lives thanks to their doting "father". And I say "spoiled" with only good implications, because that's how it was. They're DA's children, or as close to children as DA will probably ever have. That's how huge this kind of loss has to be for him. 

I love Daichan and therefore I love his family and his friends because they bring him unparalleled happiness. I hurt for his loss, not in the same way (not nearly), and I wish him all the best in this hard time. I know he'll pull through this and come out okay. 

Thank you, Annie, for all of the fun time and happiness you brough us all. You will be dearly missed, to say the least.

haven't been on livejournal - at least this personal one - in while. sorry. I am still alive, just fyi. haven't been inclined to post here for some reason? trolololol? dunno. 

ummmmmm hi. how's everyone. oh MAN I forgot to do my usual birthday post for DA. well..........too late now XD happy birthday daichan

thanks for covering that in the comm darkfire ilu <3

oh oh oh some good news! i passed my major acceptance review. i've been formally accepted into the bachelor of arts program in the art department yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  now I can get back to my life

also dA is updated. put up a lot of my prints. more work to come - go here if interested, thanks

and it's suicide awareness week. Just fyi. RIP Mason, Connor and all others who have passed by their own hand. thinking of the survivors and those who are currently struggling with depression/suicidal inclinations. Spread the word :)

kbai *tired*

MC - welcome
SCANDALOUS BLUE (Hiro Boa!) ************ACCESS KISS****************
BE NUDE - microstand hump
shed some clothes MC
MARMALADE DAYS ("say ho!") (dialogue!)
DA Solo piano - ROBOTS
balearic GHOST (change) multiple Daichans and Hiros walking through - 3D 
JUNGLING PARTY - access shimmy! Dino stuffed into shirt
.........Lovin' You? No sound
White Lights
CATCH THE RAINBOW Pray for Japan 2011 Ver
MC "Daichan kirei" "Hiro kirei" "Daichan kawaii~"
Share the Love
SOUL DYNAMITE - access love!
Doubt & Trust *___*
Yume wo mitai kara - access love
biologic engine - change to t shirts
Ride Up For The Shiny Way
MC short

to be edited with notes! *is nap time*